Dating and Relationship Coaching for the Modern World

KickStartLove provides dating and relationship coaching for people who are ready to find love. We often hear that a person has achieved professional success, takes care of their mind and body, and has supportive friends - the only thing missing is a partner. That's where we come in. 

We provide emotional support and research-driven strategies for clients who are seeking a new relationship, or strengthening an existing partnership.

    • Gain insight into how potential partners see you, and discover what is most attractive about your personality
    • Change your mindset to become more open and confident in relationships
    • Maintain high expectations - research shows that people who expect more get more
    • Learn how to strike up conversations and connect with new people in your everyday life
    • Master dating apps by writing a strong profile, selecting your best photographs, and developing chemistry over text

    Take advantage of our free 20 minute phone consultation!

    • Discuss your goals for coaching before scheduling an appointment
    • Ask questions to learn about your coach's education, background, and coaching philosophy 

    Do you offer online coaching?

    Yes! Coaching sessions are conducted by phone or online, from the privacy and comfort of your home. You will receive a link to a confidential video chat at the time of your appointment. 

    How often will I meet with my coach?

    The frequency and duration of your work with a coach will depend on your individual need for support. Many people start with weekly sessions, and then decrease the frequency of their appointments as they develop skills and confidence. Some people have simple questions that only require 1-3 sessions such as asking for feedback on their dating profile, while other people have deeper issues and benefit from more support such as getting over an ex, low self-confidence, or limited opportunities to meet potential partners. 

    Sounds great! How much does coaching cost? 

    • 60 minute sessions are $95
    • 45 minute sessions are $75 
    • 30 minute sessions are $50

    Call or email to learn more or schedule your first appointment:
    (216) 626-5302

    Meet Our Coaches

    Discover how dating and relationship coaching can change your life! 

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