Best Online Dating Sites

Looking for love online? Selecting the right dating site is the first step.

As online dating has grown in popularity, a multitude of dating sites have appeared on the scene. From the major players like Match and eHarmony, to niche sites like VeggieDate or Geek2Geek, choosing the best site can feel daunting. 

Fortunately, created a guide to the top dating sites. They narrowed the contenders down to four finalists, and then sent a tester (a straight, white woman in her late twenties) into the wilds of online dating. She created a profile on each site, uploaded photographs, and answered hundreds of questions. You can read the full review at:


Once you select a site, the next step is writing a profile and posting photographs that will accurately represent your personality, and attract the matches you want to meet. The goal is to strike a tone that is light, yet intriguing. People typically play it too safe by writing generic statements that could apply to anyone such as, "I like to have fun," or "I have a great sense of humor." Or, they pour their hearts out and reveal too much, too soon, for example, "I've had my heart broken in the past. Liars and cheaters need not apply." To write a great profile, you want to share as much information as you would reveal to an attractive stranger you just met as a party. You might mention that you love going to concerts at Blossom in the summer, or that you have a trip planned to Miami next month - but you would probably avoid mentioning your student debt or your gluten intolerance. After you have a first draft, share it with a friend you trust to get feedback before posting it publicly. If you want a professional opinion, contact us to schedule a coaching session

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