Best Dating Profile Pictures

Dear Elana,

What pictures should I post to my online dating profile?

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Seeking Exciting Loving Feelings In E-Dating


Frustrated singles often call me after giving up on internet dating. They tell me that it's useless because they didn't meet anyone. The truth is that online dating is a great way to connect with a pool of available people that you wouldn't otherwise be able to access. The key is presenting yourself with skill and style. Many profiles contain blurry, grainy, or dated photos that cause them to be overlooked. Your headshot is competing with thousands of other profiles for attention, so if you want to get noticed you need to stand out from the crowd.

I've seen the best results from posting five to seven photographs in the following categories:
1-2 Portraits that show your face clearly
1-2 Full-body shots that show your figure
1-2 Conversation Starters (hobbies/travel/pets)
1-2 Social Proof (evidence that you have friends and sometimes leave your house)


  • Match your pictures to your profile text. For example, if you write about pinball competitions at Gordon Square, then include a snapshot of your amazing score in Medieval Madness.
  • Include casual pictures: cheering at a Cavs game, wearing a goofy Halloween costume, standing next to a sign that says “No Standing” (you rebel).
  • Post recent photographs.


  • Don't use the same photograph for LinkedIn.
  • Don't post pictures where your ex- was obviously cropped out.
  • Don't exclusively post selfies – find at least one friend who's willing to take your picture.

Lastly, get a second opinion. Ask a close friend, your mom, or another trusted advisor to give their honest opinion about your photographs. The free online service can also help you select your best photographs. You gain karma points by rating other user's pictures, and in return you get their feedback on whether you appear smart, trustworthy, and attractive. For professional advice, schedule a couple of sessions with a dating coach to get a polished profile.