Get guidance and support on your path to happiness.   

Dating coaching is about seeing yourself clearly, understanding attraction, and developing skills to overcome obstacles. Recognize and break destructive patterns. Identify your own worth and start selecting partners who deserve your time and energy.

    • Increase your opportunities to meet high-quality matches by learning how to attract and connect with new people in your daily life. 
    • Gain insight into how potential partners see you.
    • Genuinely learn how to love and accept yourself and become more open and confident in relationships.  
    • Break free from toxic patterns, and stop dating the same type that keeps breaking your heart. 
    • Identify the signs that someone is interested in you, and learn how to take the relationship to the next level. 
    • Master the art of online dating by learning how to write a strong profile, select your best photographs, and develop chemistry over email. 

    Coaching sessions are conducted online, from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive a secure link to a confidential video chat where you can meet with your dating coach. 

    I’m about to propose. I want you to know before it happens because you were such a big part of it happening. There’s no way I would be at this point without you, and I look forward to being able to say that I found my wife with the help of KickStartLove. - Cleveland, Ohio
    Here is the help busy single people really need. I received one-on-one personal coaching that was tremendously helpful, including guidance and advice on all the myriad website and dating avenues to choose from (which can be daunting). My coach helped me get over my ex, and become ready to date again. - Brooklyn, New York

    Elana Hunter, Dating Coach

    Elana is passionate about helping people find love. She founded KickStartLove in 2010 when she was single and intrigued by the world of online dating. As she explored the dating scene, she focused on helping other people write strong profiles to attract high-quality matches. Her clients saw an increase in their matches, and soon they were asking for advice on how to make smart choices about partners, and create meaningful relationships in the real world. She started providing individual dating coaching, leading workshops, and writing the dating advice column, "Ask Elana." With a bachelor's degree in psychology, she decided to earn a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to increase her understanding of human desire and companionship. Her clients were finding partners, and creating lives together, but it wasn't until she followed her own advice that she met the man who would become her husband. Today, she continues to develop products and services to help people get results in their love lives. Elana and her husband live in Lakewood, Ohio with their adorable Australian Shepherd.

    I decided to give dating coaching a shot because I was sick of asking my friends and family to analyze my dating experiences. I hit a point where I realized that finding love was something I took seriously, and that it warranted enlisting the help of a professional. I am currently in a wonderful relationship, and I can safely say that I would not be in that relationship without Elana’s coaching. - San Francisco, California

    Most people start with weekly appointments, and gradually transition to every other week, and then monthly sessions as they achieve their goals. The frequency and duration of your work with a coach will depend on your individual need for support.