Are you ready to meet your match and fall hopelessly in love? Connect with a dating coach for a one-on-one session to get personalized advice, guidance, and support on your path to happiness.   

Find love and make it last with weekly or monthly sessions with a dating coach. The KickStartLove system is simple: learn what attracts others to you, practice using your strengths to attract matches, overcome your fears, and start dating! It’s personal, and it works. (Read testimonials from real clients to learn more.)  

7 Ways Dating Coaching Can Help You Find Love

1) Learn how to build attraction to get more first dates, and better second dates.  
2) Improve your results on dating sites and dating apps.
3) Overcome approach anxiety, and develop confidence initiating conversations. 
4) Expand your social circle by meeting other singles who share your interests and values. 
5) Gain self-acceptance, and improve your communication. 
6) Look your best: discover fitness and fashion for your body type. 
7) Get professional support and guidance as you search for love! 

Who are KickStartLove clients?

Our clients have diverse life experiences. We help graduate students learn the ropes to get dates on campus, teach busy professionals how to master online dating, support divorced men and women as they re-enter the dating scene, and assist individuals who have social anxiety or mood disorders overcome challenges and find loving partners. What they all have in common is a desire to find love. 

We work with clients all over the United States via video chat. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get started!

If you live in Cleveland, Ohio you can meet in our comfortable office located at 20525 Detroit Rd. #8, Rocky River, OH. 44116. 


One hour sessions are $95.

You can schedule weekly or monthly appointments. The frequency and duration of your work with a dating coach will depend on your individual need for support. 

Cash, checks, credit cards, and gift cards are accepted at the time of your appointment. 

Call or email to make an appointment 707.939.5425 (KICK)

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