Kevin Heller, Dating Coach

Love can be found practically anywhere, in Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies, Taylor Swift’s 1989 album and even on a box of General Mills whole grain Cheerios. We are constantly bombarded with what we believe love can be, should be, is and isn’t. How do you make sense of love in a world where every other post is a #singleforlife or a perpetuation of the misinterpreted app world? Kevin's work focuses on empowerment, self-esteem, healthy vs. unhealthy relationship cues, approach anxiety, and meaningful conversation, to help people navigate the complex dating world in which we live. As a gay male, Kevin also understands the social, cultural, professional and personal challenges facing the LGBTQ community because he has had to overcome those very same obstacles. Apart from mapping 21st century love, Kevin graduated with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Geology and Conservation as well as two minors in Spanish and Climatology. He is writing a book #growingupgay and believes that with the right amount of action, attitude, trust, and vulnerability, finding and understanding love is possible. You have the power!